Images related to Kristallnacht

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized



Above:  Timeline from Hitler’s assumption of the chancellorship of Germany until Kristallnacht.


  Above:  Cities under German rule where Nazis burned synagogues.



Above:  Ultimate chutzpah. Nazis make Jews pay $400 million in damages Jews suffered at Nazi hands.



Synagogue in flames on Kristallnacht 



Jews being forced from their homes on Kristallnacht.




Above two images are official invoices sent by the Nazi government to Jews demanding payment for the damages Nazis did to Jewish property during Kristallnacht.  German insurance companies refused to give the Nazis the insurance payments for the damages; therefore, Goering devised a fraudulent means to obtain the insurance money owed the Jews:  Germany would make the Jews pay for their own victimization in an amount equal to that estimated to be received by them from insurance companies.  No Jew could leave Germany until this amount was paid in full, in addition to many other expensive requirements.    


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