Hershel Grynspan v. Josef Goebbels

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

When Hershel Grynspan was arrested by French police he protested for all the history of Jewish persecution:

“Being a Jew is not a crime; I am not a dog, I have a right to exist on this earth; wherever I have been I have been hounded like an animal.”

Nazi Reichsminister Josef Goebbel’s insane and brutal statement following Hershel Grynspan’s courageous act in Paris:

The Nazis presented the anti-Semitic pogrom of November 1938 as a justified reaction of the German people to world Jewry. This poster was issued in Munich to advertise an evening of Nazi meetings celebrating the event. It translates: “Notice! Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels announces: ‘The legitimate and understandable outrage of the German people at the cowardly Jewish murder of a German diplomat in Paris led to widespread actions last night. Reprisals were carried out against Jewish buildings and businesses in many towns and localities. The population is now ordered to refrain from all further demonstrations and actions of any kind against the Jews. The final answer to the Jewish crime in Paris will be through legislation or regulations about the Jews.’ Citizens! World Jewry also received the appropriate answer here in Munich! The synogogue is burned down! Jewish businesses are closed! Insolent Jews have been arrested! National Socialist Germany demonstrates against World Jewry and its black [Catholic] and Red allies for the freedom and security of the nation and all Germans throughout the world. Gauleiter Adolf Wagner and twenty party orators will speak.”


Photo of Herschel Grynspan


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